Ambiance, A Portal Of Hearts


As Beirut gears up for Valentine's Day, a captivating melody of love takes center stage at Ambiance, your haven for decor pieces in Ashrafiyeh.  Forget the mundane gestures; this year the story gets even more magical. We want you to be a part of it. Within each envelope lies the chance to share your own whispers of love – a secret crush, a love wish, a story untold, or a joyful poem to your beloved.

Whether it's a shy confession or a playful emoji winking at a secret crush, come and share your piece of love. Watch as strangers connect, eyes meeting over shared whispers, and smiles erupting as spirits discover an echo of their own emotions in someone else’s story.


At Ambiance, we believe love is the universal language, the bridge that transcends borders, cultures, and even words. It's the luminous thread that binds us all, and within our carefully curated pieces, we radiate whispers of this very essence. 


This Valentine's Day, Ambiance becomes a portal of hearts, and it doesn't end on February 14th. This is a year-round symphony of love, where every season finds its voice in our charming creations. Let Boo, the love sphere, bathe your home in the warm glow of affection, or let Mini Emozee spark a playful conversation with a flirty wink. For those grand pronouncements, gift your partner an Alphi that stands tall and proud, proclaiming your love story in oversized initials.


This Valentine's Day, step into Ambiance and become a voice in Beirut’s chorus of love. Share your story, witness the emotions unfold, and find your own rhythm in the universal language that binds us all.

So, come, celebrate love in all its glorious forms. Let Ambiance be your canvas, your love letter to the world. Remember, love isn't just for Valentine's Day; it's a flame we keep burning bright, all year round.