Step into the enchanting world of Ambiance’s Christmas Edition' where every corner of your home becomes a masterpiece of holiday delight. As we welcome the festive season once again, our spaces transform into canvases, ready to embrace the magic of Christmas. In this blog, join us on a journey through the realms of Christmas home decor, where tradition meets contemporary design, creating a harmonious symphony of joy, creativity, and the unmistakable spirit of the season. Let Ambiance’s Christmas Edition be your guide as we explore the art of festive decor, weaving tradition into the fabric of modern design, and infusing every space with the warmth and charm of the holidays. 

This holiday season, our design house has many pieces to offer starting with Calcea & Isla;  our candle holders crafted from premium ceramic and available in two rich colors, classic Christmas red & green. Their diverse range of sizes, offers you the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for any space in your home. Whether adorning your tables, enhancing your shelves or even gracing the floor,  they’re a perfect addition that seamlessly fits into any room's decor.

Envision Calcea, with its graceful curves and design that emanates a vase-like charm, adorned with a floral arrangement. 

Or even Isla, which doubles as a visual delight by resembling an open bowl, perfect for displaying delectable chocolates or an array of bonbons.

Now to unveil our special Christmas duo for this season, we introduce to you Boo and Alphi. 

Picture this: a gleaming classic red sphere catching the light and sparkling, adorned with a luxurious gold leaf initial.

Building on this concept, meet Boo, a glossy coated metal boule that transcends the ordinary, becoming a statement decor piece for your Christmas celebrations. This exquisite boule is not confined to the Christmas tree; instead, it invites you to explore creative placements throughout your home. Place it under the Christmas tree, on a table as a centerpiece, let it grace the entrance of your house, or lose it & scatter multiple Boos around for a personalized touch!

if Boo is the understated elegance, Alphi is the bold hero piece that commands attention. Alphi boasts an oversized alphabet design with a mesmerizing melting effect, adding a contemporary twist to traditional holiday decor.  Imagine Alphi standing tall in your garden, welcoming guests at the entrance with its grandeur. Unlike traditional decor, Alphi is not confined to tables; it breaks free, allowing you to experiment with placement and make a bold statement. What sets Alphi apart is its customizability. Choose the letter that resonates with you or opt for a meaningful word.

The curvy and mellow letters on Boo & Alphi add a touch of elegance, making it a perfect canvas to showcase the initials of your family members. Nothing beats the joy of seeing each unique letter glimmering under the soft glow of Christmas lights. Boo & Alphi are not just a decoration; they are a celebration of family bonds and individuality.

In the same spirit, nothing screams Christmas like lights, and our lighting additions to the Christmas collection, DongOn and DongZzZ, are nothing short of enchanting!

The DongOn stands proudly at a meter and a half, this masterpiece is a trio of overlapping dongs, each wrapped in the classic Christmas red, resembling a beautifully abstract Christmas tree. Crafted from shiny coated metal, DongOn craves sophistication in every detail, & it’s not confined to a specific space;  it is designed to grace corners, enhance entrances, and even steal the spotlight as the main piece in any festive ensemble. In contrast to the upright grandeur of DongOn, DongZzZ redefines the traditional notion of decorative lighting. Designed to sleep horizontally on the floor, this one-meter beauty & its warm and dimmed lights create a soothing ambiance ideal for large spaces like lobbies and entrances or even placed in a corner of a living room.

Try placing DongOn or DongZzZ next to your towering Christmas tree; the combination creates a symphony of lights and shadows, adding depth and character to your holiday decor. 

While our Dong collection may not find a home on your tables, its charm lies in its ability to transform larger spaces, making it perfect for grand celebrations.

Ambiance’s Christmas Edition is not merely decor pieces, it’s an ambassador of the festive spirit, casting a spell that transforms spaces into radiant wonderlands. This holiday season, let every room tell a story, each corner whispering tales of merriment and enchantment.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with joy, illumination, and the enchantment of design excellence. Cheers to a season of lights and laughter.